Hey there! My name is Cooper and I am 25 years old.

My biggest passions are music and traveling the world. I started Guitar Songs Masters with a mission in mind – to help others enjoy their musical journeys to the fullest, and to further inspire and expand the creative musical minds of other musicians around the world! In the last few years I was lucky enough to travel four different continents with my guitar, and I intend to keep on traveling musically as long as I live. Other hobbies that I have are riding dirt bikes, photography (a lot of the pictures here are pictures I took myself) and American Football (I used to play as a CB myself).

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My main instrument is the guitar and I also currently play seven more instruments. In the unique “Going Multi-instrumental” category you can read everything about expanding your own musical horizons further with more instruments which for me is one of music's biggest joys, and it is one of the niches I chose to focus on in the website as well.

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along some of the articles you will find links for different products and courses within the text. It is all stuff that helped me along the way and that I believe in by 100% or else it would not be on my website, and if it's not something that I've personally used, (which will be clear) it's still a product I have researched about to make sure it's damn good to appear here. My standards are very high and I don't want my readers to waste their time. When you make a purchase through one of these links I receive a commission from the store's cut that helps me support the time it takes to maintain and further expand Guitar Songs Masters for your enjoyment.

I hope you will find Guitar Songs Masters helpful and inspiring. Don't forget to subscribe to get the monthly newletter with the most popular and motivating articles.

You can contact me through the site's comments or at [email protected] I would love to hear any comments, feedbacks and requests regarding the website and things to write about.

Peace and thank you for reading, Cooper.


“What will you say right before they put you six feet under? Will you say “I wish I could have, I wish I would have, I wish I should have,” or will you say “I did it all. Thank you and good night”.

Gene Simmons.

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