Hi! My name is Alon Cooper, and my mission is to create as many smiles and good feelings as possible, using my teachings and the songs that I write on my journeys.

😍 I am (perhaps a bit too much) obsessed with songs, the feelings behind them, and the mysterious magic of how they come into our world.

🔥 Nothing gets me going more than a conversation about these things / making music with others who share this passion.

🌎 I am originally from Israel, based now in Austin Texas, and over the last 8 years, (After finishing my 5 years army service in Israel as a Paratrooper officer) I have been traveling the world with my guitars, collecting songs and experiences, and performing with my band/solo at 100's of different venues.

🤓 I've earned my university degree in education and business somewhere along those years and between the travels.

🎹 To make a living, in the last 8 years I have also been running my business of online courses, teaching people how to develop their own style on the guitar, piano, and harmonica. Over 100K students have joined so far – and you can check it out here.

🎸 My “folk-pop-jazz” music: I have released 7 singles so far, (Spotify) and in 2022 I will be releasing one every month. Here's a YT link to my favorite – “The Springtime of Your Life”.

⭐ My “northern star” as a musician is being “the next Jack Johnson”, in my own way.

❤️ Have a BEAUTIFUL day. Cooper

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