Voting on the 16 Most Beautiful Acoustic Guitars of 2023

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Who does not like beautiful acoustic guitars? Today’s the time to drool. Guitars and acoustic guitars are attractive instruments by nature: their curves, the shiny strings, the beautiful woods, and of course the twangy sounds and energies they radiate.

A pretty guitar can play a big factor in our will to pick it up more, practice more and get better. We can always take any nice guitar and customize it and add some bling, but today we will focus on the “natural born” beauties.

As you will see, the guitars are from a very wide range of price ranges, looks, manufacturers, designs, body shapes, and body sizes. I realized it was not possible to get all the possible guitars in one post but I tried to suit as many different tastes of pretty guitars as I can fit here and ended up with 16 beautiful runner-ups – listed for your enjoyment in high-res pictures.

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Cast Your Vote on the Most Beautiful Acoustic Guitars of 2023

Guild F50 Jumbo

beautiful acoustic guitars guild f50

The Guild F50 Jumbo stands as one of the most popular acoustic guitars, renowned for its top-of-the-line craftsmanship and resonant tonal qualities. With a solid Sitka spruce top and solid rosewood back and sides, this acoustic guitar delivers a rich and warm tonal character. Timeless in design, the Guild F50 Jumbo is crafted with premium materials and offers exceptional playability, earning its popularity among musicians.

Taylor 614CE Red Edition

beautiful acoustic guitars taylor 718 red

What I love about the Taylor 614CE is its stunning red finish, giving the guitar a unique and beautiful look. The top of the guitar is crafted with a solid torrefied Stika spruce, with a solid maple at the back and sides, delivering a bright and clear tonal profile with remarkable projection. With Taylor’s Expression System 2 electronics, the guitar ensures a natural and dynamic amplified sound, making it an ideal choice for musicians who like both beauty and performance in their guitar.

Breedlove Stage Concert

beautiful acoustic guitars breedlove stage concert

For those who seek a balance between powerful sound projection and comfort of use, then the Breedlove Stage Concert is the top choice. The guitar features a sturdy Sitka spruce on top, while the back and sides are made with rosewood. the guitar’s body shape offers a comfortable playing experience, making it ideal for both stage performances and prolonged guitar sessions. The Stage Concert is a reliable and versatile acoustic guitar for musicians who prioritize both style and substance in their performances

Ibanez TCM-50

beautiful acoustic guitars ibanez tcm 501

The Ibanez TCM50 is a unique acoustic guitar that seamlessly blends the design elements of both modern and classic guitars. Its most distinctive feature is the double-cutaway Talman body shape, facilitating easy access to the upper frets. Equipped with the Ibanez AEQ200M preamp system, it offers versatile tone-shaping options along with a built-in tuner. With its harmonious blend of retro style and contemporary functionality, the Ibanez TCM50 is an instrument that caters to players who value the fusion of classic and modern characteristics in their musical equipment.

Seagull Entourage Rustic Mini Jumbo

beautiful acoustic guitars seagull entourage rustin mini jumbo

The Seagull Entourage Rustic Mini Jumbo boasts visually striking yet minimalist aesthetics. The guitar strikes a balance between a smaller parlor guitar and a larger dreadnought, ensuring comfortable usage without compromising on sound quality. The Rustic Burst Custom Polished Finish not only provides a distinctive appearance but also allows the wood to breathe and age gracefully. With meticulous craftsmanship and the use of quality materials, the Seagull Entourage Rustic Mini Jumbo stands out as a notable choice for guitar players seeking a unique and versatile acoustic instrument.

Cole Clark FL3AC

beautiful acoustic guitar fl3ac

The Cole Clark FL3AC is a guitar that combines well aesthetics and sound elements. The guitar is made of Australian Blackwood on its top, back, and sides, giving it not only stunning looks but also contributing to its rich and resonant sound. This acoustic guitar is designed to deliver superb projection and clarity, making it suitable for various playing styles and genres. With its stunning construction and high-quality materials, the Cole Clark FL3AC is a top choice for musicians seeking an instrument with both visual and sound excellence.

Customizing and beautifying my guitars is one of the many reasons that connected me more to the guitars and gives me the motivation to keep practicing every day. Read more inside:
Make YOUR Guitar more beautiful by CUSTOMIZING it. Read the post about how I’ve done it on several of my guitars and get ideas.

Godin 5th Avenue Archtop Jazz

beautiful acoustic guitars godin 5th avenue archtop jazz

The Godin 5th Avenue Archtop Jazz is a classic and beautifully designed vintage archtop guitar tailored for jazz enthusiasts. Its hollow-body construction, coupled with the arched top and back, yields a warm and resonant tone, making it ideal for jazz or blues genres. The guitar’s vintage aesthetics, combined with top-of-the-line craftsmanship and versatile tonal capabilities, position the Godin 5th Avenue Archtop Jazz as an outstanding choice for those in search of a distinctive archtop guitar for their next jazz performance.

Gibson J-200

beautiful acoustic guitars gibson j2001

The Gibson J-200 is an iconic and legendary acoustic guitar, often referred to as the “King of the Flat-tops.” The guitar features a jumbo body shape that contributes to its powerful projection and rich tones. The J-200 is characterized by its stunning visual appeal, adorned with ornate details such as a mustache bridge, floral pickguard, and crown inlays. It has been favored by numerous artists across genres, making it a symbol of quality craftsmanship and exceptional sound in the world of acoustic guitars.


beautiful acoustic guitars esp ltd ac10

The ESP LTD AC-10E is an acoustic-electric guitar that blends modern design with classic features. This guitar allows for easy amplification and tone shaping thanks to its Fishman Sonicore pickup and Isys+ preamp system. The stylish abalone rosette, purfling, and binding add a touch of elegance to the guitar’s appearance. Designed for both stage and studio, the ESP LTD AC-10E combines versatility, playability, and modern electronics for a reliable acoustic-electric experience.

Taylor 612ce

beautiful acoustic guitars taylor 612ce1

The Taylor 612ce is a high-quality guitar known for its exceptional craftsmanship and tonal capabilities. Ensuring a natural and dynamic amplified sound, the guitar comes equipped with Taylor’s Expression System 2 (ES2) electronics. The Venetian cutaway allows easy access to the higher frets, making it suitable for various playing styles. With its aesthetic details such as the ivoroid binding and rosette, the Taylor 612ce is a visually appealing instrument that appeals to both professional musicians and enthusiasts.

Martin OM-18 Authentic 1933 Edition

beautiful guitars OM-18_Authentic_1933_x1

The Martin OM-18 Authentic 1933 Edition is a meticulously crafted acoustic guitar that pays homage to the vintage Martin guitars of the 1930s. This guitar features a smaller “Orchestra Model” body shape with a solid Adirondack spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides, capturing the warm and balanced tone reminiscent of that era. With its comfortable playability, exceptional resonance, and vintage aesthetics, the Martin OM-18 Authentic 1933 Edition is a dream guitar for both collectors and players seeking the authentic sound of the past.

Gretsch Rancher G5022CE Jumbo

beautiful acoustic guitars gretsch rancher1

The Gretsch Rancher G5022CE Jumbo is a distinct acoustic-electric guitar that blends vintage aesthetics with modern elements. The guitar stands out visually with its iconic triangular soundhole, “cactus” inlays, and Western-themed design. The Fishman Isys+ preamp system ensures reliable amplification, making it suitable for both stage and studio. Whether you’re a performer or a collector, the Gretsch Rancher G5022CE Jumbo offers a unique blend of vintage charm and modern functionality.

Takamine DMP500 VN

beautiful acoustic guitars takamine dmp 500vn

The Takamine DMP500 VN is a high-quality acoustic guitar that blends premium craftsmanship with exceptional tonal characteristics. The guitar’s Venetian cutaway allows easy access to the upper frets, enhancing playability. With intricate detailing, such as abalone rosette and binding, the DMP500 VN boasts an elegant and beautiful appearance. Whether you’re a professional musician or an avid guitarist, the Takamine DMP500 VN offers a superb playing experience and a visually stunning instrument.

Taylor K24ce Koa

beautiful acoustic guitars taylor k24 koa

The Taylor K24ce Koa is an exceptional acoustic guitar known for its premium craftsmanship, top tonal performance, and stunning looks. Crafted with a Hawaiian Koa top, back, and sides, this guitar not only delivers a visually striking appearance but also produces a warm and resonant sound. With Taylor’s attention to detail and premium features like an ebony fretboard, abalone inlays, and an ES2 electronics system, the K24ce Koa is a top choice for discerning musicians who appreciate both aesthetics and sound quality.

Gibson Hummingbird

beautiful acoustic guitars gibson hummingbird

The Gibson Hummingbird is an iconic acoustic guitar that has captivated musicians with its distinctive looks and rich, balanced sound. With a comfortable playing experience and a reputation for versatility across various genres, the Gibson Hummingbird has become a classic choice for both strummers and fingerstyle players alike. Whether played acoustically or plugged in, its timeless design and exceptional craftsmanship make it a beloved instrument among guitarists.

Guild D-55

beautiful acoustic guitars guild d55

The Guild D-55 is a classic acoustic guitar revered for its premium craftsmanship and superior sound. With its effortless playability and reputation for delivering a powerful and articulate sound, the Guild D-55 has earned its place as a favorite instrument among musicians, particularly those who appreciate the craftsmanship and heritage of the brand Guild. Whether played for fingerstyle or strumming, the Guild D-55 is a testament to Guild’s commitment to producing exceptional acoustic instruments.

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