The 7 Best Guitar Cables

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Best guitar cable

Guitar cables play an essential role in the quality of your electric guitar. A guitar cable is a wire that carries a signal from your guitar to another device, such as an amp, tuner, or pedal. There are many different brands, lengths, and types of instrument cables, and you’ll find a variance in price, which can make it challenging to choose the suitable cable for your electric guitar.

While amplifiers are one of the most common devices you’ll need and connect your cables to, they typically don’t include connector cables when purchasing a new amp for your electric instrument. Unless you purchase a complete guitar kit, which typically includes everything you need to start, you’ll likely buy your guitar cables separately. 

Our top choices for instrument cables include reputable brands with a solid track record of durability, strength, and design. It’s crucial to find a premium cable that reduces or eliminates unwanted noise compatible with your musical instrument.

7 Best Guitar Cable

Best Fender 10-Foot Guitar Cable

The Fender 10-Foot Deluxe Instrument Cable offers a straight-straight tweed design with an 8mm outer diameter wire jacket and 24k gold-plated connectors. This package contains one high-quality cable that’s durable and available in various colors and blended tweeds so that you can coordinate with your set. 


  • This cable is available in a variety of colors and blended tweed styles so that you can personalize your guitar set
  • You’ll have ten feet of cable to work with, which is ideal for most gigs and performances
  • If you want a longer cable, this product is available in 18.6 feet
  • You can choose from regular or angled cable for both 10-foot and 18.6-foot lengths
  • Ranked in the top five best sellers in the Instrument Cables category
  • It’s lightweight, at 11.4 ounces


  • If you have an electric pickup installed, you may need a longer cable that exceeds 18.6 feet

Best Tangle-Resistant Guitar Cable

The Ernie Ball Braided Instrument Cable offers straight and angle designs and is available in several lengths and colors. This trendy-styled cable is available in various vibrant, neon colors or a standard black. This cable is flexible, durable, and tangle-resistant, so you’ll find it easy to use without wear and tear. Ernie Ball instrument cables are well-known as a solid-performing accessory for guitar sets.


  • This product includes a limited lifetime warranty, which is ideal if you encounter any defects or damage
  • The cable is highly durable, with a braided exterior jacket, so you can easily adjust and use it without tangling the cord
  • This cable includes 99.95% oxygen-free copper, which prevents corrosion
  • The dual conductors and shielding provide a clear tone and reliable, consistent quality sound
  • This cord is available in three lengths, including 10, 18, and 25 feet


  • This guitar cable may cost more than other brands of comparable size and style

Best Solder Connector-Type Guitar Cable

The Lava Magma Instrument Cable offers a solder connector and a sturdy, rugged build so you can use it without wear and tear. These Lava cables are designed for performance to use them through many gigs, practice sessions, and concerts without damage. It’s a high-performing cord that offers fifteen feet, the ideal length for most stage or set sizes.


  • This cable is built for any electric guitar, whether it’s your main cord or backup cable
  • Lava offers some of the best guitar cables that are tough and ready to handle any concert or stage setup
  • You’ll have fifteen feet of cable to work with, which is ideal for most sets


  • Only available in one size and color 
  • The cost is a bit more than other instrument cables

Best Guitar Cable for Electric Instruments

New Bee’s Instrument Cable is ideal for all-electric instruments, including the bass guitar and electric mandolin. This cable includes suitable angle metal connectors that provide a secure connection for an amp jack, pedal, or any compatible instrument. 

They are versatile for use in various settings, whether performing at a concert, setting up karaoke speakers, stage audio, a mixer, microphone, and other equipment. The cable is flexible and doesn’t wear quickly, so you can use it easily anywhere.


  • These guitar cables are insulated with PVC material and include a high-density stranded copper double shield, which significantly reduces noise
  • Widely compatible with various equipment, including electronic organ, decoder, microphone, mixer, power amplifier, equalizer, electric bass, and other stage accessories
  • New Bee offers 24-hour customer service for support and inquiries
  • Ranked as the top best seller in the Instrument Cables category
  • Available in three cable length options, including six, 10, and 20 feet
  • You can purchase this cable with right or straight style metal connectors


  • The cable isn’t available in various colors or tweeds

Best Amp for Bass Guitar and Electric Guitar

The GLS Audio Instrument Cable is a great cord for your amplifier. This cable includes a straight to a right angle, ¼-inch cable in a braided tweed of brown and yellow. When you review the cable options, you can choose from several cable lengths for your stage set to configure any stage size or setup based on the guitar, instruments, and amp you’re using.


  • This cable is highly durable and flexible and not easily worn
  • You can choose from several cable lengths, including six, 10, 15, and 20-foot cords
  • GLS Audio is a well-established, reputable brand
  • This cable includes double insulation with low capacitance, which reduces noise and shields for maximum isolation
  • Ranks as a best seller in the top five Instrument Cables category
  • The connector type is a clamp, which is easy to use


  • This cable is only available in gold 

Best Budget-Friendly Guitar Cable

The Sovvid Guitar Cord is a great cheap guitar cable compatible with many electric instruments, including the bass guitar, mandolin, and keyboard. This instrument cable is available in several lengths and is ideal for an electric guitar amp. There are multiple layers of shielding and insulation, so you’ll have clear sound without the hum and excellent, stable performance. 

Sovvid guitar cables offer a high, oxygen-free, insulated copper, so you’ll have lots of use without the wear and tear. Overall, this guitar cable is durable while remaining inexpensive and easy to use.


  • This cable is highly durable and tangle-free, so you’ll have no difficulty using it with other cables and equipment on stage
  • The cord is well insulated to reduce noise and electromagnetic interference issues
  • It’s flexible, stable, and resistant to abrasion with a tested braid nylon jacket, which prevents twisting
  • You’ll find this cable is compatible with lots of electronic equipment, including keyboards, karaoke speakers, pedal effector, ukulele, microphone, power amplifier, mixer, acoustic guitar, mixer, bass guitar, electronic organ or drum, and decoder
  • This cable is available in various colors, including white, black, blue, and green
  • Available in various cable lengths, including six, 10, 15, and 20-foot lengths
  • Ranked as a best seller in the top 20 Instrument Cables category


  • Not available in cable lengths over 20 feet

Best Guitar Cable for Acoustic Guitars

The Snigjat Two-Pack Instrument Cable for acoustic guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, pro audio, speakers, and electric mandolins. This sharp, red-and-black cable is compatible with many devices and versatile when you need one or two extra cables on stage or as your main accessory for your next performance.


  • This two-pack of high-quality cables offers one ten-foot and one twenty-foot cable for your electric guitar amp and other electronic equipment
  • Both cords contain 22AWG oxygen-free copper as a core conductor, which offers a stable signal and consistent sound quality
  • The core of the cables includes a double-layer of aluminum foil and copper mesh, which functions as a noise reduction shield to reduce or remove buzzing, static, and crackling sounds
  • Versatile for various instruments and equipment so that you can use them interchangeably with other cables
  • Ranked as a best seller in the top 50 Instrument Cables category


  • Not available in other colors or sizes other than ten or twenty-foot lengths

Selecting The Best Guitar Cable: Buyer’s Guide

best guitar cable

Instrument cables function as necessary connectors between all your musical instruments and equipment. It’s essential to find a functional cord compatible with the type of instruments and equipment you use, whether you’re looking for a Mogami Gold instrument cable, a Fender, GLS Audio, or Lava cable. 

If you’re looking to connect your guitar to your speakers, you’ll want a longer cable length that extends between 18 and 20 feet. Electric instrument cables connecting to an amp typically work well with up to ten feet of length.

If you’re new to shopping for instrument cables, you’ll want to get familiar with the various benefits of certain materials, which improve sound quality, is resistant to damage and wear, reduces unwanted noise, and contains superior components that create a clear, balanced sound and consistent performance. 

What To Look For In A Guitar Cable

Generally, most instrument cables for electric equipment have similar construction characteristics, though some styles offer specific benefits for your set. Cable jacks are straight or fit at a right angle or 90 degrees.

The bent jack takes up less space, so they don’t protrude as much as the straight jack, which typically adds another two to three inches. There are some essential factors to consider when choosing a quality guitar or instrument cable, including:

  • The material, durability, and the encasing around the cable
  • If you plan on using multiple instruments and equipment, you may want to choose a package with two or more cables, including varying lengths
  • The cable length and how many you’ll need
  • Your budget for cables, and whether the quality is worthwhile purchasing an expensive cable or a cheap cable
  • The type of cables you’ll need based on the equipment you have, including speaker cable, amp cable, cords for microphones, mixers, and other electronic equipment 

Whether your budget is the best fit for cheap guitar cables or you are looking to upgrade to high-quality premium cable options, selecting a brand that consistently offers excellent sound is essential. You’ll want cables that are good at handling noise and versatility for your equipment set. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should my instrument cables be?

You won’t need more than 15 feet of cable for your stage or set in most cases. If you’re adding new equipment or setting up additional equipment, you may want to include several longer cables measuring 20 feet. If the venue’s stage or practice room is small to moderate, ten feet are often sufficient to reach and connect to all devices.

What is a reasonable price range to spend on cable?

Instrument cables are usually between $20 and $30 for one unit, and it’s reasonable to spend up to $45 for premium cable that offers a high level of resistance to wear and tear while providing exceptional sound and performance. You don’t have to spend a premium price on expensive cable, as long as the cords function well and are manufactured by a quality brand. For example, Fender and Lava offer excellent cables for around $20 to $25.

Is it best to have spare cables for a set?

Yes, though you likely won’t need extra cable due to wear and tear and more likely due to additional equipment and electronic devices. With some experience, specific cables work best with an amp or mixer, while others are best with various instruments. Various cables have different connector types and other attributes that impact the sound quality, handling noise, and consistency.

Does gold improve the performance of a guitar cable?

No. Gold is ideal for preventing corrosion, so you’ll benefit from a cable that lasts indefinitely, though there is no impact on the quality of the sound or connection quality. 

Are some high-end or premium cables a worthwhile investment?

Some expensive or premium cables include thicker insulation, gold shielding, and better sound and durability due to the quality of materials. While it’s unnecessary to buy the most expensive cables, it’s important to avoid low-quality cords with poor insulation, as they won’t eliminate noise or produce quality sound.

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