The 8 Best Guitar Websites / Blogs That You Should Follow

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 This week’s post is about exposing you to some of the best guitar websites and best guitar blogs out there.

This list is pretty diverse in its niches and focuses so you are sure to be able to find even more guitar website that you’ll like besides Guitar Songs Masters, and expand your musicianship to even broader levels. The guitar blogs are listed in no particular order since they all have different niches.

Each one of these guitar websites is here because I find them really good at what they focus on, and to provide awesome content that also helped me a lot personally in one way or another. Some of them are not specifically focused on guitar but rather on playing music in general. Nonetheless, they will still serve you well. Here we go:

The Most Influential, 8 Best Guitar Websites / Best Guitar Blogs


Guitar Habits: 
best guitar blogs guitarhabits

Klaus is a guitar teacher from Germany who runs Guitar Habits since 2009. It has a very deep archive with a few great categories that range from very detailed guitar tips & tricks, ways to find motivation, top songs lists and also a lot of articles about “lifestyle design” – like meditation and it’s benefit to musicians, and a lot of stuff that’s pretty spiritual and humbling and can be of a great benefit to every guitarist. Give it a look!

best guitar websites jazzadvice

Jazz Advice:

Jazz Advice is focused on improvisation, and if you are a lead guitarist – you’ll love it! Even though I almost do not play jazz at all, I see jazz as “the next level” in music, and I believe that by taking elements from jazz music and jazz thinking, I can have a big advantage and take a leap forward in front of other musicians who focus mostly on different kinds of rock music like most guitar players do. A lot of the articles you will find there are

A lot of the articles you will find there are applicable to any instrument and contain ideas that you can apply to your thinking and will help you a lot. It is targeted toward more advanced players and a lot of the theory they’re discussing there is not easy stuff, but it’s worth thinking it all out even when it’s though. A lot of great stuff about ear training as well. It is truly one of the websites I am most grateful that I found.

best guitar blogs diymusician

The DIY Musician:

DIY Musician is a blog that’s targeted mostly at musicians who aspire to succeed at performing and marketing their own music. It contains a lot of great material about bands stuff, songwriting, performing, vocal tips and much more. It is a very popular blog that updates very frequently with posts from different authors.

best guitar websites guitar world

Guitar World:

Most of you know Guitar World since it’s a huge ass website that started as a written magazine decades ago. Usually I am not a fan of those huge commercialized websites but here they just have a ton of great stuff that’s all for free. Interviews with the top of the line guitarists, updates and reviews on new guitars and gear, a great blog with great articles that’s constantly updated and much more.

The blog section is very recommended and it contains a lot of great info that will help you improve as a guitarist.

best guitar website musician

Street Musician:

Street musician is a British website that is niched mainly for buskers and street performers but also has loads of great stuff about performing, theory, vocals, gigging and more. Busking‘s not really my thing but if it’s yours so you’re gonna find great resources in there.

best guitar blogs shredaholic


You guessed it, Shredaholic is niched more to the guitar players who have aspirations for the high-bpm speeds, but this shall not be restricted to metal music at all. I am not into metal music at all and yet I still have collected over the time a great deal of valuable information on effective practicing and gaining picking speed from Shredaholic.

Another topic they focus on is guitar teaching, so if you are a guitar teacher yourself you can find useful and original articles that’ll help you a lot.

best guitar websites matt warnock

Matt Warnock Guitar:

Matt Warnock is a US-based jazz guitar teacher. I’ll repeat what I said about Jazz in case you skipped that one: Even though I almost do not play jazz at all, I see jazz as “the next level” in music, and I believe that by taking elements from jazz music and jazz thinking, I can have a big advantage over other musicians who play mostly rock music.

 Although not as wide as JazzAdvice, MattWarnockGuitar is still full of great stuff that is aimed specifically for jazz guitar and not for any jazz musician. A lot of very effective practice advice, great exercises, how to slowly build up your way to play complex jazz chords, and more. I recommend checking out Warnock’s “30 Days To Better Jazz Guitar” plan.

Best guitar blogs songwriting scene

Songwriting Scene:

There are a lot of different blogs about songwriting, but I found Songwriting Scene to provide the best balance between very good content for “inspiration-creation” and help in the creative process of the songwriting and between mixing up a lot of interviews with songwriters from all over the world, open mic stuff, and inside looks at different local songwriting scenes (Nashville, Austin and London are just some of the places that were featured recently)

That’s it, these were some of the best guitar websites and best guitar blogs, enjoy them, and you are always welcome back at Guitar Songs Masters. Have fun!

What are your favorite 1-3 guitar blogs? Please do tell us in the comments.

best guitar blogs

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