New Mini-Course: ENRICH Your Guitar Song-Playing with 9 Techniques!

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Hey all, I just released a cool new mini course that is now available on Udemy. (the world’s largest online course market)

You can get it at a launch price discount which means it’s only 14.99$ in the next few days. (instead of 39.99$)

Here’s what the course is about:


Do you feel like all the songs you play just sound the same way – with the same chords repeated over and over with a simple “down-down-up” kind of pattern?

Do you want to make your guitar playing experience a lot more interesting and personal and be able to give any song your own touch? To really be able to express yourself in your playing?

Do you want to get back to those sweet, satisfying feelings from the beginning, that after every time you picked up the guitar you felt you’re slightly better than yesterday? That you just learned or improved a new technique that you’ll use in countless songs down the road? 

I was at that exact same place shortly after I started playing guitar. A feeling of “OK… What’s next after I got those simple strums down?”. I felt like my playing was stuck in a rut and there was nothing really special or ear-catching in my playing, neither to me or to my friends who were listening.

That’s actually a spot most people get to – once they can strum some songs. They want to be more than a campfire player that’s identical to the next guy/girl.

It’s exactly the spot where many people quit the guitar – because they simply don’t know how to take their skills onwards to the next level – where you can really give your own taste to any song that you love, and have a lot more fun as a result.


If you kept reading till here – then what I mentioned is probably a problem that bugs you, and this course was built exactly to help you get out of that rut.

By getting out of that rut I mean – moving on from “beginner” level (where you can play songs with just simple strumming patterns) to intermediate level – where the fun really begins once you can add fun new techniques to your playing.

Once I started getting on that road, the new possibilities and new spices I can add to my sound just kept showing up, and today the last thing I feel when I play a song is “boredom”. The other way around is true – I feel like there are just many different ways in which I can take a song and make it “my own”, and because of that, each time I play the song it’s a also a slightly different version of it – and that’s what I like the most – the richness of possibilities and choices I can make.


The 9 techniques that you will have up your sleeve after this course are:

  1. Arpeggio picking: where instead of strumming all strings at once – you pick every note individually. (as heard for example in Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven and Green Day – Time of Your Life) We will focus deeply on this technique and you will get all the tools you need to easily bring this technique in whenever you wish.
  2. Bass StairwaysThis is a technique to make your chord transitions more lively – where instead of for example switching directly from G to Eminor, we will take the role of a bass player for a second, and add a “stairway” on the F# note, on the way down from the G to the Eminor. This is heard for example on Hallelujah in the Jeff Buckley version, in The Joker by Steve Miller Band, and on hundreds of other songs.
  3. Sliding Into Chords and Hammer-On Into Chords: These two techniques (name is self-explanatory) really help you funk-up your sounds and transition into your regular chords with a groovy “twist”. The songs Under The Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers and Long Train Running by The Doobie Brothers showcase these two techniques perfectly.
  4. How to take a song you know and with the help of a drummer app, “inject” a new groove into it – for example, turn a chill song into a funky song. This is FUN.
  5. Add some cool riffs, extra notes and chords to your songs. (chords like C6, G13, Em7, etc.)
  6. Use Suspended chords (sus 2, sus 4) to add interest to your progressions in places where the song sustains one chords for longer than usual.
  7. Some interesting new strums, like a Jack Johnson style chill acoustic strum with mutes in it.
  8. How to use Palm-Muting to play around with the dynamics of a song – so you can make sure that the chorus sounds BIGGER for example.
  9. The “Start-Bomb” technique to make the beginning of the song or the verse sound a lot cooler.

On top of that, as a bonus, you will learn many more things (see below) that will be of a huge help along your guitar journeys, some of them really took me years to find out.

Tricks, hacks and techniques: (Partial list, see the curriculum for the rest, and new lessons added every 1-2 months)

  • The 13 most useful guitar apps in 2018 – apps that will actually help you improve much faster.
  • How to find the correct strumming pattern for any song just by listening to it. (I know I have been struggling with this one for years until I figured it out)
  • 8 ways to develop your time-keeping skills and really get that pro sound.
  • How to use a capo to make sure the song matches your voice, and also to create different voicings when playing with another guitarist.
  • 6 tips on how to easily conquer any barre chord. (like the F chord)
  • 10 ways to improve your “musicality”“.
  • 4 ways to avoid the notorious  pain in the fingertips that every guitarist encounters.
  • My favorite 13 guitar accessories – things that’ll actually improve your guitar life.
  • How to find that one chord that finishes the song perfectly.
  • 6 ways to customize your guitar and add some elegant bling to it.
  • The ideal fingernail length for playing guitar.
  • 8 golden tips to get the most out of every practice session and improve much faster.
  • The 4 pillars of the a perfect guitar maintenance routine that’ll make your guitar fun to come back to.
  • And More lessons that will enrich your skills and sound, with newer ones added regularly.


  • Multiple camera angles.
  • Split screen teaching for increased clarity.
  • Fancy graphics and animations flying in and out to help you understand every bit.
  • Recorded through high end microphones and finished by a well known audio engineer.
  • And just about everything else that’s available in 2018 to give you the best user experience and help you learn.



Cheers, and I’m looking forward to seeing you inside,


Click the pic to get the course at the launch discount.
Alon Cooper

Alon Cooper

Hey! I'm Cooper, and I hope I can be a helpful friend on your musical journeys. I'm a music artist based in Austin & Amsterdam, playing venues with a band / solo, and trying to learn with the most inspiring musicians wherever I go. In the last 8 years I've lived in Australia, northern Europe, the US and more.

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