The Top 32 Funny MUSIC Memes That’ll Make You Laugh

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Memes… We all like them. Sometimes they put a smile on our face, sometimes they can even make us laugh out loud. And we all know how humor can make us feel way better in a second. As a music man, I always liked those funny music memes I occasionally run into, so over the time, whenever I ran into a funny music meme, I added it to my list so I can post it here when I have accumulated enough of those. The day has arrived, and I hope you will enjoy yourselves.

Most of these can be funny for anyone who likes music, and some of them would hit it only with musicians. Anyways, Have fun and don’t forget to share if you like the collection!

The Top 32 Funny Music Memes That’ll Make You Laugh

Uke, I am your father

Are you calline me a "lyre"

Staff meeting funny meme

wonderwall 2654

funny music memes guitar amp settings3

funny music memes call me maybe2

funny memes mtv1

music meme funny dude17

funny music memes music taste4

funny guitar59

photo by quickmeme452

music meme wonderwall750

music meme ringo star49

music meme play bass48

music meme paul fucking mccartney47

funny music memes skrillex9

music meme jazz music46

funny music memes singing8

music meme guitar pick45

music meme guitar memes44

music meme flute solo43

music meme changing strings42

music meme c major41

music jokes gag1839

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funny music memes sad songs7

music jokes gag138



guitar guy party1535

funny music memes radio6

funny musical memes guy guitar33

funny music memes pop music29

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What’s the funniest music meme you’ve ever seen? If you’ll link in the comments we’ll all thank you, and it will be added to the 2nd music memes post later. THANKS!

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I hope this list has given you some great ideas, and if you want to have another bunch of song ideas in a fancy PDF songbook form, then feel free to download the songbook in this link.

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