13 Original Gift Ideas for Musicians (Or For Yourself…)

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Truth is – everybody loves gifts! So whether a musician friend of yours has a birthday, whether it’s the holiday season, or if you just want to indulge yourself with something new to decorate your place, I’ve got some original gift ideas for musicians for you that are guaranteed to put a huge smile on the face of whoever it is who’s getting those gifts.

Get out of the usual gift ideas routine gift box and let’s have a look at some of the most original and coolest stuff you can get as a gift for musicians.

gifts for musicians
Some of my collection of cool musical stuff that I accumulated over the last couple of years.

Let’s go ahead and put big smiles on your friend’s faces with some great gifts!

13 Original Gift Ideas for Musicians:
Miniature Instruments: 

Always a sure bet. Whether it’s the instrument that the receiver of the gift is playing, or a different one that looks good on the living room table, kitchen deck or any similar place.

There’s a very wide choice in this department, either with small instruments on a stand, guitar keychains, small statues of a man playing that instrument, fridge magnets and so on. Check out my faves in the links above, and you can also browse for similar ideas.Gift ideas for musicians

Coffee Mugs / Shot Glasses:

My Jimi Hendrix mug that I got in a vinyl store in Pittsburgh, PA is still my favorite coffee cup even after a year and a half. I always leave it nice and clean by the sink on “display”. Mugs are put to everyday use so they make a great gift. Shot glasses as well, (although you probably do not use them every day…) check out this cool Grateful Dead set of shot glasses.

gift ideas for musicians jimi

gifts for musicians
A gift for the dead heads…

Getting someone a sleek or a rare poster of one of his favorite bands would make sure he will thank you every time he sees it on his wall. Posters and photos are still one of my favorite ways to spice up any living space with my favorite stuff.

AllPosters is the best site to find cheap deals for posters that I know of, and you can also get it shipped already-framed. Make sure to buy on one of their “30-40% off” days, because they have them very often.

Gifts ideas for musicians pink floyd
There are posters for any band you can think of. You don’t have to be a teenager to hang a cool poster in your music room…
Pick Punch:

This little gadget lets you create your own picks out of plastic materials. I have one that I got from a girl I dated, and I still remember how excited I was about getting custom picks out of it. Free shit, yay! Endless picks supply forever…

gifts for musicians

A Set Of Picks:

A cool little box full of The Beatles themed picks makes a great small gift. You can find similar boxes for every artist you can think of, and they are pretty cheap as well.gift ideas for musicians beatles

A Micro Guitar Amp:

This one was a life changer for me as someone who plays mostly electric, and that’s why I think it’s a perfect gift that people would be so happy to get. It’s tiny, I can take it anywhere, AND it even sounds better than my bigger amps. Really an unbelievable thing, and now I don’t have to “settle” for playing an acoustic guitar when I’m not home.

You can read my full review about it here: Blackstar Fly 3 Micro-Amp Review: A Life Changer

blackstar review
My Fly 3 next to my Swedish blues queen – the Hagstrom Viking.
Guitar Customizations:

Most guitarist I know would love to get a cool piece that will make their guitar unique. It’s actually even very cheap to get one of those inlays or something similar. Read the post “9 Ways To Customize Your Guitar” for more ideas in this department.

customize custom guitar

Customizing and beautifying my guitars is one of the many reasons that connected me more to the guitars and gives me the motivation to keep practicing every day. Read more inside:
Customizing and beautifying my guitars is one of the many reasons that connected me more to the guitars and gives me the motivation to keep practicing every day. Some of those customizations can make for crazy cool gifts.Read more inside:
Guitar Straps:

Another one of those things that you can just never have too much of, so if you are in doubt, just go for a cool guitar strap<span style=”color: #00f;”> as a gift.

gifts for musiciansgift ideas for musiciansgifts for musicians


You can never go wrong with a good album, or even a box-set of an artist you know heshe likes. 

gift ideas for musicians

Musical Phone Cases: 

Browse the link for some very cool ones. You can find cases for just about every major band you can think of from the last 40 years…

gift ideas for a musician beatless

For the retro lovers and the turntable owners, or just people who love to hang them in their room.

Jimi Henrix - "Are You Experienced?"

My new apartment. The vinyls on the walls make me start each day with a smile.
The vinyls on my apartment’s walls make me start each day with a smile (-:
Band T-Shirts:

Seems like this one never gets old, and you can get them for any band you can think of.

gift ideas for musicians weezer

Guitar Stands:

For a bit more about various guitar stands check out my article on music room design ideas.

design Music Room ideas
Wall hangers / Floor hangers can be great gifts that will let your friend show off his guitar in his room in an elegant way…
Music Books: 

These have an enormous value since books obviously serve for more than room beautification! Music books that make for a great gift range from inspiring autobiographies to sheet music books to cool books like “The Complete Guitar Encyclopedia” and the “Bob Dylan Lyrics Book“. Check out this article about 60 great music books.

A huge book filled with glossy pages of ALL the Beatles gear through the years, including juicy stories and descriptions. I know what I want for the next holidays…

gift ideas for musiciansgift ideas for musicians

Actual Instruments:

Saved the best for the last…

For a guitarist, something like a harmonicaa melodica or a kazoo should always work and make for super cool gifts that will widen his instrumental horizons and make him very grateful. You can have a look at this very detailed article about “Which Second Instrument To Pick? 57 Pro’s And Con’s Of 9 Instruments Inside”

gift ideas for musicians melodica
gifts for musiciansgifts for musicians Melodicas are cool. A smooth gift for a piano player that will let him finally have a portable jam instrument that he can carry around… Same goes for the harmonica.

That’s it, have fun gifting and please share more gift ideas with us in the comments!

Thank you for reading, peace and have fun.

best guitar accessories
Check out this article about My Favorite 14 Guitar Accessories to find other cool gift ideas.
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