Learn 5 Hypnotic Chord Progressions for Incredible Jams | Interactive Video

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These progression will give you some AMAZING jams with friends or with a looper / even a phone recording! -Notice the timestamps:

In the first round for each jam I will be playing it and improvising myself, to give you examples of cool sounding riffs in that style. Then, in the 2nd part of the video we play each one again, but this time YOU will be playing the improvisations (link below for a cheat sheet with all the relevant scales), and before each jam I will be explaining the picking/strumming pattern so you can play it yourself.

The bottom line is that this video will not just give you some amazing chord progression, but it will also teach you the basics for each one of these musical styles.

Then – you can then take these “vibes” and strumming/picking patterns and play any other song as a raggae for example – to spice things up. (Or any of the other styles) LEGENDARY skills opportunity here!

Download the beautiful free PDF cheat sheet which you can always keep on your phone with all of the relevant scales for these progressions: (this also makes it easy to teach the progressions to friends you’re jammin’ with)

Full credit to my dear friend Barak for coming up with the idea for this video!

And if you know another friend who could use having such an incredible collection of chord progressions – please share it and spread the word!

0:00 Demonstration of some of today’s jams
0:28 How to get the most out of this video
1:10 The Jamaican Raggae Blues Jam
1:53 FUNK Jam
2:34 Bossa Nova Jam
3:33 Folk jam
4:53 The “Australian Chill Acoustic” Jam
5:45 LEARN the Raggae Jam
7:14 Let’s play RAGGAE together while YOU improvise
8:03 LEARN the funk jam
10:14 Let’s play FUNK together while YOU improvise
11:00 LEARN the bossa nova jam
13:03 Let’s play BOSSA NOVA together while YOU improvise
13:50 LEARN the folk jam
15:47 And now let’s play FOLK together while YOU improvise
16:45 LEARN the Australian acoustic jam
18:42 Let’s play AUSTRALIAN jam together while YOU improvise


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Alon Cooper

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