The Top 7 JACK JOHNSON Songs for Acoustic Guitar (video with chords)

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Pick up your guitar and learn a new Jack Johnson song – the most surefire way to lower your blood pressure and relax on such crazy days.

This is a tribute to one of my biggest musical heroes – and one of the most inspiring songwriters and acoustic players – Jack Johnson.

I spent about 70 hours working on this 6 minutes video, so if you enjoyed it – please pass it forward to another friend who also likes Jack Johnson!

LINKS to the full chord sheets of the songs on Ultimate Guitar:

7: Angel

6: Rodeo Clowns

*** – the link to G-Love & Jack Johnson first version of this song from 1999:

5: Sitting, Waiting, Wishing (links in the bottom for the music video I mentioned, and the “making of” video)

4: Flake

3: Better Together
*** – the link to the promised Hawaiian version (BEAUTIFUL):

2: High Tide or Low Tide (Bob Marley cover, played with Ben Harper)

1: Banana Pancakes

RESOURCES that I have used for the fun facts:
I really like the guy, so over the past few years I have watched every single interview with him on YouTube, and read many articles.
Also, there’s a nice biography about him (“Natural Born Man: The Life of Jack Johnson” by Mark Shapiro) which I highly recommend if you want to learn more.

THAT’S IT, hope you had a great time!
Alon Cooper
The video was made for educational purposes. Other than the songs themselves, these are the videos were included in the edit:

“Jack Johnson – I Got You” from the official Jack Johnson channel:

“Jack Johnson – You Remind Me Of You(making of)” from the official Jack Johnson channel:

“Jack Johnson w/ John Cruz & Paula Fuga – “In The Morning” Live” from the official Jack Johnson channel:

“Jack Johnson and Kelly Slater performing Home – from the album ‘From Here To Now To You'” from the Ibrahim Ahmad channel:

“Sitting, Waiting, Wishing’ – Jack Johnson” from the official Jack Johnson channel:

“Making of ‘Sitting Waiting Wishing’ – Jack Johnson” from the official Jack Johnson channel:

“Jack Johnson – Breakdown” from the official Jack Johnson channel:

“Little Bit of Love – Jack Johnson, John Cruz & Friends” from the Mana Maoli channel.




Alon Cooper

Alon Cooper

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