Video: 5 Tips to Play Any Chord CLEANLY

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Hey all!

In this video, which is the first lesson in The Guitar Songs Workshop, (BUT, it’s not just for beginners, but can be very useful for anyone who wants to play with a clean sound) I show you what I call my 5 Golden Tips of how to play any chord cleanly.

By “cleanly”, I mean that all the strings ring nicely, and that there are none of those bad buzzings from the strings or the frets.

In the video, I address different things that usually cause guitarists (not just beginners) to get that “buzzy” sound, like reaching with the fingers in an incorrect form, or growing fingernails on the left hand, touching the strings with the sides of the fingers, and many other problems. You’ll love this one.

Enjoy, and subscribe to the Guitar Songs Masters channel where you’ll get the same kind of useful tips every week. Cooper


This lesson is the first lesson from The Guitar Songs Workshop – where I teach how to play songs and sound exactly like the original. It’s meant for beginners with some experience or no experience at all.

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Alon Cooper

Alon Cooper

Hey! I'm Cooper, and I hope I can be a helpful friend on your musical journeys. I'm a music artist based in Austin & Amsterdam, playing venues with a band / solo, and trying to learn with the most inspiring musicians wherever I go. In the last 8 years I've lived in Australia, northern Europe, the US and more.

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