Road Trip Music – The Ultimate 60 Songs Playlist!

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Top road trip music

Who does not like road trips? Just the act of traveling and getting in your car and driving somewhere is tons of fun for itself regardless of where you’re going to! Don’t forget to look for some music happenings wherever you’re going to.

In this list I have compiled my top, best, favorite, list of Road Trip music songs, all clickable to get to the YouTube video instantly. The road trip music songs on the list range from soul to classic rock to folk to 90’s rock and more. There’s tons of good stuff in here! Enjoy and please comment on more great songs that are on your road trip music playlist!

best road trip music johnny depp
Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas. Johnny Depp in a very bizarre road trip story. A great soundtrack as well!
The Best Road Trip Music, Top 60 Songs:

Peace, thank you for reading and have fun on your road trip!

Top road trip music - new zealand trip
My New Zealand road trip campervan.
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