Scar Tissue (Anthony Kiedis Autobiography) – 2 Minute Book Review

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This book is very explicit, and describes a selfish ego-maniac drug addict who loves himself to death.

A lot of candid crazy rockstar stories, not enough inspiring talk about the art itself.

However, it’s still one hell of a ride and a book that I could barely put down. I finished the 460 pages in two weeks which is something that I can’t remember that I did recently

The Red Hots.

The book takes us from the childhood days of Kiedis, growing up with his father in LA, having sex and using all kinds of drugs since the tender age of 12.

His first sexual experience was with one of his father’s girlfriends.

It’s not PC at all, and you get it all “in your face”, including pages upon pages describing the sex and the drug use.

I wish there was a lot more about the actual creative process, and more stories about the writing process of some of their classic songs.

At some point toward the end I already felt like it’s already way too much drugs and sex and way too little of the actual music, but hey – that was the focus of his life so you cannot blame him for being fully open about what his life was really about.


This book is for RHCP fans who are also into reading autobiographies.

If you are not really into RHCP – I think that if you want to read a musician’s autobiography, there are other ones which you will enjoy more, and that will leave you feeling a lot more inspired.

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