Hey everybody!

So after months of full time work with a huge vision to completely change the way that you are playing songs, and even thinking about playing songs – it’s here – the new flagship course from Guitar Songs Masters:

Spice-Up Your Song-Playing; Develop Your Unique Style

If you’re tired from playing songs in the same old way, and feeling like everything that you play sounds the same – I have to tell you that I was there too, for years. That’s exactly the reason that I made this course, and it’s been created as the dream course that I wish I had a few years ago.

You are about to become a completely different guitar player – a whole lot more interesting & captivating, with a personal style, and most importantly – having more fun in each song that you play. (And so will your listeners)

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The course will teach you 18 different spice-up techniques, which are all taught in an incredibly actionable way, with lots of examples from real songs, and of places where you can put the techniques to action. (Exactly what’s missing in all of the other guitar courses and videos out there)

Examples for some of the spice-up techniques you’ll find inside:
  • Section 1: Arpeggio Picking (with Pick / Nails) – “The #1 Way to Beautify Songs”

  • Section 2: Create “Stairways” Over Chord Transitions with Bass Walk-Ups & Walk-Downs

  • Section 3: Changing the Vibe of a Song by Changing the GROOVE (The Rhythmic Feeling)

  • Section 4: Adding Riffs & Fills (In Different Styles) In-Between the Chords

  • Section 5: Adding Delightful COLOR to Your Chords with 7th Chords

  • Section 6: DYNAMICS – Give Your Songs a Lot More Depth By Building Them Up Gradually

  • Section 7: Substituting Boring Open Chords – with “Sparkling” Chord Voicings UP THE NECK

  • Section 9: Making Chords HUGE with the Chords VIBRATO Technique

  • Section 10: Beautifying Your Song’s Chords with Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs

  • Section 16: Spicing-Up Chord Transitions by Adding Chords Walk-Ups & Walk-Downs 

  • Section 18: Creating Sweet CAPO Experiments to Make Songs Sound Fresh and Different

What You’ll Get Inside:

10 hours of video and 100+ lesson: This course is comprehensive and practical on a whole different level from everything else that you’ve seen on the internet.

All the lessons were filmed with multiple camera angles, and topped with professional on-screen graphics and editing.

A 100+ page course companion E-Book, with even more examples, explanations and details of each technique, to make sure that it definitely makes its way into your actual playing. (I put all of my heart and knowledge into this one and the examples in it, and it took over a month of full time work to write it)

The Guitar Songs Masters Ultimate Songbook – A completely new songbook, with over 110 of the most fun-to-play guitar songs that I know – so you’ll have what to practice your new skills on. If you loved the earlier Campfire Songbook, this one is 4X bigger, and with better songs.

Access to the entire Guitar Songs Masters 7 E-Book library, including the new books:

+ Over 20 resources, cheat-sheets and extra PDF’s to further help you on your journeys.

+ Access to the Facebook community of the course – to connect with me and with other guitar songs lovers.


I believe that this is a course that’s worth well over a 100$, but the enrollment is open now, for much less than that, so check it out while it’s still at that price!

Can’t wait to hear your feedbacks – cheers and enjoy!


Click here to go directly to the course sales page – where you can learn more about it.