How To Adjust A Guitar Strap for Maximum Comfort

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How to Wear a Guitar Strap

If you’re just beginning guitar lessons or experimenting with a new instrument, one of the essential steps to getting comfortable is wearing a guitar strap correctly. While experienced guitarists develop a strategy of holding and playing guitar effortlessly, this can take a bit of practice if you’re just getting started. I will share with you some tips on how to wear a guitar strap.

When you’re buying a guitar strap, you’ll want to find an accessory made with quality material that’s durable, reasonably priced, and fits well with your playing style. While your guitar’s current strap takes some adjusting, you may find the best guitar strap is more functional than aesthetic and pairs well with an acoustic guitar, bass guitar, or electric guitar

Choosing The Guitar Strap And Position For Comfort

A good fit begins with a quality accessory made professionally and with high-grade materials. You’ll want to consider the following when choosing a strap for your guitar body:

  • Genuine leather straps are the most popular option for many musicians, including top brands like Levy’s leathers, which offer an adjustable strap length, and durability ideal for a heavy guitar.
  • If you’re looking for a more lightweight option, such as nylon, cotton strap, or a blend of leather, nylon, and other durable materials may be an excellent fit for a small to medium-sized guitar
  • Try a few traditional guitar strap options and a few different options to determine which feels best for your guitar playing style.
  • Your guitar’s size, height, length, and weight are essential in finding a sturdy guitar strap that matches well with the instrument and your comfort level.
  • Do you play best with the strap on your left shoulder? Does your instrument require wider straps, a locking mechanism, or a certain strap height for the perfect fit?

Once you find a quality guitar strap for your instrument, there’s no specific way to wear it properly, as long as you can play without strain and feel consistently comfortable. 

How To Wear A Guitar Strap

The best guitar strap made with excellent materials and adjustment options isn’t going to function well unless it’s a good fit for your playing style and personal comfort. Whether you’re a lead guitarist or bass player, you’ll want to fit a strap onto your guitar that allows you to reach every string and play without strain. 

You should be able to move along the fretboard and neck of the instrument without feeling tension on your shoulder, back, or wrist.

When you prepare to play guitar, whether you have a nylon or leather strap, there are a few critical steps to take to ensure the ideal fit:

  1. Sit comfortably in a chair, as you would during a jam session or when you practice guitar, and position the acoustic guitar strap to ensure the length and height are adjusted for your comfort.
  2. How well can you play with your guitar strap in a standing position? You may need to adjust your strap if you play electric guitar, frequently move on stage, and position this accessory to accommodate your playing style.
  3. Make sure that your guitar strap isn’t too high or low, as this can restrict your motion when you’re performing live, especially in a standing position
  4. You’ll need to adjust your strap for medical conditions such as a chronic back condition or an injured shoulder or arm to ensure it’s not increasing your discomfort. You can also try playing guitar by sitting or positioning yourself differently, including sitting to play if you have a heavy guitar.
  5. Are you planning to practice for half an hour or play an intensive set on stage for two hours or more? You’ll want to check in with your leather guitar strap and various adjustment mechanisms to ensure it’s comfortable and allows you to play without strain, especially for a late-night gig or concert.
  6. The adjustable length is essential because this allows you to customize how long or short the strap fits and buttons and locks, which keep your strap in place for longer play sessions. KLIQ AirCell’s guitar strap is a lightweight option that offers generous length options and fits nicely against various clothing and outerwear without slipping out of place.

Many guitar strap kits include features that give you greater control over how well these accessories fit your playing style, including a guitar strap button, strap lock, strap pin, and more. You’ll want to make sure that your guitar strap evenly distributes the weight of your instrument so that you won’t feel one part of the guitar is too heavy or unbalanced.  


One of the important ways to enjoy guitar playing involves how comfortable you are with your instrument. While the best quality guitar straps may not be the most aesthetic option, their function is to provide the ideal fit and versatility for your playing style while preventing discomfort and giving you the most enjoyment out of music.

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