Which Type of Guitar Should I Get As My First??

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Hey all,

One of the first questions that arise when you want to start playing the guitar is which type of guitar you should go for – acoustic, electric, or the classical. (which is very popular for beginners in some countries while not so much in the US) They all have advantages and disadvantages and your choice should be all about what type of music do you tend to like the most.

This video will answer your questions regarding which type you should go for, and also which specific model you should choose once you know which type you want to go for.

It will surely clear up a lot of clutter in your mind regarding the topic, have a great time and if you got any more questions – hit me up in a comment below.

Alon Cooper

Alon Cooper

Hey! I'm Cooper, and I hope I can be a helpful friend on your musical journeys. I'm a music artist based in Austin & Amsterdam, playing venues with a band / solo, and trying to learn with the most inspiring musicians wherever I go. In the last 8 years I've lived in Australia, northern Europe, the US and more.

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